ZP gets kicks… in our ass

I have to admit it. My national President is clowning (do you remember the sentence «Earth doesn’t belong to anybody, but to wind»?) and he is also making fool of our entire nation. He can deny it of course –he’s an acknowledged specialist in denying evidences, even evidence is beating his face–. Sure he is «the EU president by shift», but as you can see, when decisive time comes, he’s missing (????). It looks like that monsieur Sarko and frau Merkel got rid out ZP.

"It's easier to find out Wally than ZP"

And to top it off: Mr. Paul Krugman, economist «hired» by our particular Mr. Bean for blessing the zapanomics, is throwing over us very tones of shit. Every time journalists ask him about Spanish economy, he denies all that ZP says to convince us (huh?) that «we are about to left crisis behind» or «We feel better than six months ago» (we’re really worse than six months, if we consider the always growing unemployment tax). But the question is, at last, that ZP is already well off (he will receive a life annuity as an ex-President of Spain so he doesn’t give a bugger about what happens out his office or even out of Parliament), and if we’ve had once some prestige or fame or consideration, we’ve completely lost it. So it doesn’t care that the real Mr. Bean became the inhabitant of Moncloa’s Palace. As far as I know, Mr. Rowan Atkinson is an electrical engineer and I guess he couldn’t do it worse than ZP.

That’s why I said, like Agustín de Foxá, writer, journalist and diplomatic, «how many kicks he will get when he’ll be out of Government… in our ass!».

Gotas que me vais dejando...

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